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Uwaaa~!! That's not fair!! How could I miss a battle THAT huge, Nanoha-san and the others probably needed me!!

...I'm going to venture a guess we haven't gotten Signum-taichou back yet...!

((OOC: Yes, she does read backlogs...!))

Strike TWO~hungrier than a...!~

A-aa~! I'm starving..!! I gotta get something to eat or I'm gonna pass out!

Oi, Subaru-neechan! You just finished cleaning out your personal kitchen thing! How can you be that hungry already?


Nanoha-san? Fate-taichou? Anybody? Where's the kitchens around here?

Strike ONE ~..help?~

That was a trip and a half! But hey, I'm finally making a post for myself! Nanoha-san, Fate-taichou, I'm at the Royal Base like this whole lightpost thing said it would take me to!

..Ehe...I'm still lost. Nobody told me this place was literally like a beehive..!

Anybody know where this 'DATS' thing is located? Nanoha-san should be there and there should be people I can talk to about all this.

[Filtered to Nanoha]
And uh...Nanoha-san? You should meet Gaomon. I told him about you and he got kinda defensive, so he might need to see you personally to know you're not that bad.